Serving Hawaii since 1974

Pacific Refrigeration and Market Equipment is
Hawaii's leading supplier of commercial and
industrial refrigeration products and related
equipment.  Our primary product offering is broken
down into two groups:

Refrigeration Products:
This group would include walk-in and reach-in
refrigerators and freezers, plastic strip curtains, air
curtains, ice makers, refrigerated merchandisers,
supermarket cases, and related components
(condensing units, evaporators, etc.).

Market Equipment:
Products in this group would include things such as
supermarket shelving, hand trucks and carts,
pressure washer stations, work tables, stainless
steel sinks, faucets, commercial seating equipment,
dunnage racks, and more.
Pacific Refrigeration is a member of the
Institutional and Supermarket Equipment (ISE)
group, a nationwide network of professionally
qualified contractors who specialize in all facets of
equipment sales and service to the end user. With
125 manufacturers supporting this group, you can
be assured of top-quality equipment at
competitive pricing.

Through our participation in ISE, we also have
access to equipment such as commercial kitchen
equipment (stoves, ovens, microwaves, food
processors, deep fryers, dishwashers, etc.),
beverage equipment (beverage dispensers, cup
dispenser cabinets, bar back units, etc.),
foodservice equipment (heated well hot food
tables, popcorn makers, condiment stations,
cookware, etc.) and more!